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Q: What are the criteria you apply in selecting the startups? 

A: Level of innovation (technology, new business model), maturity, market potential, team, etc. This applies to both postal companies.

Q: What are the criteria to be selected for a PoC? 
A: Impact on business (savings, revenue), maturity and feasibility, time to market, innovation (technology, new business model), market potential, team, etc.

Q: What is the expected maturity level (TRL)?

A: The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a means for measuring or indicating the maturity of a given technology. We are looking for technologies that are considered TEL level 6-7.

Q: What is the expected investment stage?

A: Seed, Series A.

Israel Postal Company POC

Q: What will the Israel Post POC provide?

A: The Israel Post has significant capacity and mass that can be used as a beta site for start-up companies, they also have significant market access.

The Israel Post will allocate physical seating and technological and managerial resources, in order to assist in testing and assimilating products or services.

Q: What will be the next steps following the application?

A: Once the applications are closed, they will be reviewed according to criteria set by the companies.
The applicants who meet the criteria will be invited for interviews.
The interviews will take place on 25-27.8.19 at the Israel Postal Company office headquarters in Tel Aviv.

The SWISS POST workshop

Q: When will it be? 

A: Q1 2020.

Q: How long will it be?

A:  1 day.

Q: What will the workshop include? 

A: Meeting with experts, professional moderation, travel and hotel costs.


Q: What is the agenda and what are the expected results?

A: The main objective is to get to know each other’s (solutions, business problems, challenges) and discuss the scope of a potential PoC.


Q: How many people can a startup send?

A: Not limited. However, Swiss Post will pay travel accommodations for 2 people only.


Q   Who will carry the costs?

A:  Swiss Post.


Q: What do you consider as PoC? What does it include?

A: First validation of technology and market acceptance. If this works fine, Swiss Post could plan the next steps as a market pilot.

Q: Who owns the IP created in the PoC?

A: The startup is the sole owner of the IP created during the PoC period.


Q: Swiss Post PoC - what is a scenario after having a successful PoC? 

A: Once the PoC is successful, the next steps will be proceeding to a paid PoC, including solution implementation and possibly an investment in the company. 

You can visit the following website to learn more about success stories of past participants.